Feet, what do I need them for
if I have wings
to fly?


Frida Kahlo

Who are we?


DUO Network is a consultancy and representation of sales, marketing and public relations. It counts with a creative and dynamic team of specialists who help international travel companies - innovative, creative and detailed ,  starting the growth in the tourism market  Latin American in a faster and smarter way.  

What inspires us?

design plans  of complete, personalized and modern businesses for  help our customers to achieve their goals.

We believe in flexibility, in keeping a communication channel open and working with passion.  

Meets DUO Network customers.  international companies from  Lujo market , innovative, attentive to the details that love to delight their customers with personalized programs .

Travel Blog  

Leah  articles written by the DUO Network team about the travel market, actions, destinations we represent and news about our customers.

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