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STOP!Relax... how many times have you allowed yourself to take a break from your routine and enjoy the moment?


From the 23rd to the 26th of November, in the III journey of our series of online events, let's delight  at Dolce Far Niente– the Italian style of enjoying the sweetness of life and enjoying,  without guilt, a moment only ours, in which, we allow ourselves to be guided by our instincts and small wills, far from the routine and daily demands.


In this sense,  let's go  discover full connection activities  with you, with the people  and local culture: whether for gastronomy, unique experiences  or staying in lushand exclusive hotels  that bring the authentic everyday  of  Italian, inviting us to explore its beautiful landscapes, facilities and hospitality to the fullest...


Are we going to live the sweet Italian life?


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100%  ONLINE

Event will be held
  ZOOM . Will have

simultaneous translation in some exhibitions.




Immersive with themed panels, hotelsand unique experiences.



Specialists in the topics that will be discussed, in addition to other guests.




They bring aesthetics and translate the Italian way of life . 




Agents must attend 6  of the 8 scheduled meetings  to compete for the awards. Always 1 by  morning and 1 in the afternoon . 



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23 NOV

     DAY 1     


10:30 am-12:00 pm

PANEL  I - opening of the event and  mindfulness. Brief tourist and immigration overview

We will start the event by understanding  more about the concept of mindfulness applied to travel as well. We know that the   Italy is a country full of contrasts , especially between the north and the south . The Benarrivati, our partner in this edition, we will toast with curiosities, main programs marketed and will bring some unique experiences in different parts of Italy in a brief, delicious  panorama. We will close the morning with  the intense relationship between Brazil and Italy, both historical and cultural, in the voice of historian Henrique, from the Immigration Museum  of the State of São Paulo.


Speakers:  Antonella  Giancoli, Renata Soares, Henrique Trindade


2:30 pm-4:00 pm

PANEL  II – Rome & Italian Enogastronomy

THE  italian capital  is present on virtually the entire trip to  Italy. Despite being well known, there are always news and new experiences : be they aesthetic, historical or even gastronomic. Ana Maria will bring us her gaze on the eternal city.

learn trivia about italian wines  by Jessica Marinzeck , sommelière of Evino. then we will travel  virtually to the Cantina Gattavechi winery,  in Montepulciano. Already  The  Deb of the secrets of italy  will bring us a lot of knowledge about the slow food movement that started in Piedmont , where he resides.   

Speakers: Ana Maria Junqueira, Jessica Marinzeck, Gionata Gattavecchi and  Deb Waldmann 

24 NOV

     DAY 2     


10:30 am-12:00 pm

PANEL III -  Venice, a postcard &  passion for shopping 

We continue to cultivate small pleasures and create memories , living la dolce vita. See incredible experiences in Venice, Florence and Sanremo : 3 different beautiful cities, yet connected by Italian charm! In the iconic Venice and Florence, discover an unusual and luxurious accommodation option: the luxury houses and apartments of Dimora Italy  -  live Italy in complete privacy! If shopping is your passion , surprise yourself with The Mall in historic Florence and  bathhouse  Sanremo (in western Liguria). Maisa  tell us why Venice,  one of the top Italian postcards, deserves more  than just 2 nights stay.

Speakers: Antonella Giancoli, Maisa Nascimento  


Dimora Italy

The Mall


2:30 pm-4:00 pm

PANEL  IV – Italian Alps & Florence

Also in the Veneto community, there is a  of the most charming ski resorts in Europe: Cortina D´Ampezzo . Learn more about the “Queen of the Dolomites” which, in addition to skiing, will host the 2026 Winter Olympics. Cortina has many cultural and gastronomic attractions.  Meet the brand new  Grand Hotel Savoia : a beautiful, cozy and luxury complex from the Radisson chain in Cortina.

Antonella will tell us more about Florence: unmissable tips in the capital of Tuscany. To finish we will have the  presentation of the brand new 5*, the  IL Tornabuoni .   


Speakers:Suellen Mendes ,   Antonella Giancoli


Grand Hotel Savoia Cortina, The Radisson Collection Hotel

IL Tornabuoni  

25 NOV

     DAY 3     


10:30 am-12:00 pm

PANEL V – across the seas and escarpments of Sardinia & delights of Emilia-Romagna

Sardinia, on the Mediterranean coast, offers turquoise beaches and idyllic medieval centrinhos.Here, meet the H otel Sporting in Olbia and, through the voice of Benarrivatti, increase your knowledge of Sardinia.

For lovers of fine food, a script in Italy , visit Emilia-Romagna, one of the country's gastronomic cradles: here the Parma ham, parmigiano cheese, bolognese sauce and lasagna wereborn. The famous Lambrusco frisante also originates from its hills. Fall in love with the beautiful historic complex of Palazzo di Varignanain spectacular Bologna, the commune's main city.

Speakers:  Antonella Giancoli and  presentation conducted by Palazzo di Varignana (Emilia-Romagna)



Sporting Hotel

Palazzo di Varignana



2:30 pm-4:00 pm

PANEL VI – Campania: a blue Italy

The cliffs and rugged coastline of Sorrento , in southern Italy, form bays and guard villages, making this region one of the most popular in the entire country. Discover the Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria , a lush property managed by the Fiorentino family since 1834, as well as the Capri Palace, located on the island that is a symbol of tranquility and glamour. Discover different boat rental options in the Amalfi Coast region and the possibility of renting private boats and experience Italy at the taste of the sea...

Speakers:  Antonella Giancoli



Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria

Capri Palace Jumeirah

26 NOV

     DAY 4     


10:30 am-12:00 pm

PANEL VII -  Sicily, seclusion  and passion for cars: live Italy at your own pace 

THE  sicily is  the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, between Europe and Africa , a land that saw the birth of many civilizations in the ancient world, home to the brave volcano Etna. The perfect destination for lovers of cultural trips and boat trips.

Today also take the opportunity to learn more about luxury cars and private villas of the highest standard . Viva il dolce far niente if that's your wish, exploring  Italy at your pace!  

Speakers:  Antonella Giancoli, Andrea Benedetti


2:30 pm-4:00 pm

PANEL VIII -  Apulia: bucolic Italy & art  

We are going to an Italy that is still somewhat unknown and therefore full of charms . We will learn more about Apulia , “the heel of the Italian boot” , in the extreme south of the country, with its mountain towns, whitewashed houses, fertile agricultural fields and long Mediterranean coast.  

the historian  Paulo Debom will bring us highlights of Italian art , related to travel.  It will be a class focused on  R enascimento Italian, and talk about  its great masters in painting, sculpture and  architectures.


Speakers:   Milena Maggi P aulo Debom, Antonella Giancoli



I loved it, I really liked the content and tips, it surpassed my expectations a lot. Speakers and mediators with a lot of knowledge about the topics covered, in addition to hotels with perfect exclusivity and refinement. Congratulations on your work." 


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Antonella Giancoli 

Founder of  Benarrivati Italy, is a Brazilian businesswoman, with dual Italian nationality, who has resided in Italy since 2004. With an extensive professional career in sales and  communication in an important company in the sector  textile, has already visited every corner of this country. Antonella founded Benarrivati Italy, a  Destination Management Company  (DMC) which was founded in 2008 in Rome with the aim of  build and customize unique and unforgettable experiences.  

E-mail:  antonella@benarrivati.com 


Paulo Debon 

Historian, professor and researcher specializing in Art and Fashion.
Professor at the School of Arts at Centro Universitário Celso Lisboa and at Gestto Cultural.
Organizer and co-author of the book A História na Moda, a Moda na História (Alameda editorial). Editor of Veredas da História Magazine. Doctor in History from PPGH-UERJ.

E-mail: paulodebom@gmail.com


Caroline M. Gramaglio

Graduated  Tourism at USP, studied Economics at the University of Granada. Worked as a travel consultant for renowned Brazilian luxury agencies. In 2017 he founded DUO  Network providing marketing and sales consultancy for high-end brands. In this quarantine he developed the concept of events in other countries. She will also be mediator of all panels.

E-mail: caroline@duonetwork.com.br


Ana Maria Junqueira

Creator of the Magari Blu blog and founder of the award-winning travel agency Magari Blu Viagens. Journalist and traveller, he writes about travel and organizes itineraries and reservations. In the past, Ana Maria was a lawyer for 6 years  in São Paulo and earned a Master in European Private Law from La Sapienza University in Rome, his favorite city in the world. In  Rome (2011),  launched Magari Blu  which becomes the first blog to become a travel agency in Brazil.

Email:  anamaria@magariblu.com


Maisa Nascimento

Consumer scientist specializing in luxury tourism, working for 10 years in the market, mostly in the main luxury tourism agencies in São Paulo. Degree in tourism from Anhembi Morumbi and consumer scientist from ESPM in São Paulo, with specializations in neuroanthropology of consumption and luxury segmentation. She is currently taking a master's degree in intercultural development of tourism systems in Venice.

Email:  birthfmaisa@gmail.com


Milena Maggi

Founder of the Original Miles travel agency, along with sister Ornella. Graduated in Public Relations and Corporate Communication from IULM, Milan. Diploma in Interior Design from IED. Gastronomy and design have always been his passions, as well as travel. She is meticulous and perfectionist and loves to take pictures.

E-mail: mile@originalmiles.net


Henry Trinity

He is a historian (USP) and researcher at the São Paulo State Immigration Museum. Author of the e-book about the MI Digital Collection. He regularly gives the lecture “Researching Family Documents” and the courses “Records of Immigrants: History and Research” and “Italian Immigration: History, Genealogical Research and Citizenship”.

E-mail: comunicacao@museudaimigracao.org.br


Andrea Benedetti

After graduating in Economics from La Sapienza University, he worked at General Motors in Rome, at Masserati's headquarters in Modena. He worked for over 2 years at the most important Italian concierge company, managing the most luxurious tourism and logistics services. He spent 3 years as assistant to the CEO of an Italian engineering company  and in 2016, he founded "100 all'ora Srl", a company specializing in car rental and driving experiences  super cars and vintage cars.

E-mail: a.benedetti@100allora.com


Suellen Mendes

She is graduated in Tourism and specialized in hospitality. She worked for 10 years in the French Club Med chain in several segments, in the last 4 years performing the role of Account Executive where she was responsible for the key accounts of the commercial airline of the hotel chain. For over a year, he has been working as Commercial Manager at Operator Sete Mares, which specializes in snow destinations.

Email:  suellen@7mtur.com.br


Deb Waldmann

Publicist from Rio de Janeiro, graduated from ECO-UFRJ, MBA from IE Business School Madrid.
He has 20 years of corporate career in strategy, marketing and training. He has worked in 10 countries and speaks 5 languages fluently.
He travels through Italy frequently since 2010 and has been living in the country for 4 years.
He specialized in introducing Brazilians to the natural and cultural riches of unknown Italy, with an accessible and passionate language.

Instagram: @segredosdaitalia