The Timeless Sanctuary

The best luxury property in Maldives opened its puertas in 2018. Let the timeless charm of the Maldives give you the gift while discovering the warmth and affection of its people in this idyllic island retreat designed to enjoy the rich places for traditions travelers looking for an intimate getaway in one of the most desired destinations of island on the planet.

Located within the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve of the Baa atoll, with many unexplored buceo sites and legendary fishing spots. Several categories of villas on the beach and on the water with direct access to the Playa Blanca or the Lagoon, carefully designed for families and couples

• 113 guest villas

• Parejas solo villa types

• Types of family-style villas

• Unique blue agujeros within the lagoon

• Stunning marina life in the lagoon, in the reefs of the house at a distance from the island

• Bikes for adults and children.

• Children's Club Parrotfish from 3 to 12 years old.

• Food plan options that include beverage packages

• Six restaurants and bars, one winery.

• Recreational club, buceo and aquatic sports.

• Organic Fam: Vakkaru Maldives is committed to developing a sustainable business through various initiatives and green innovations in our departments.

• 24-hour butler service.

• Chat 24 hours, 7 days a week on the website.

• A fully equipped seaplane room with personalized registration service.

• Spa and gym on the water

• Design elements focused on the Maldives style have merged with the best natural resources to preserve the integrity of the local architecture with a contemporary style.

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Vakkaru Maldives

Vakkaru Island, Baa Atoll,  Republic of Maldives 

Tel:   +960 660 7000

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